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Szilvia Toth

I’m a lash stylist for over 4 years. I started my career in this wonderful industry back in 2018.

When I started, I was a complete beginner who was never really satisfied, but I was motivated!! never felt the need to stop learning or improve, so I was keep practicing and learning new skills from professionals all round the world until I have created works that I dreamed about.

I have completed over 30-40 online webinars and courses to learn all the tricks of other artists that I used to build my own style.

I started teaching and share my passion on my live and online trainings for those who would like to learn and earn well from the comfort of their home.

I have very strict attention to detail however, I’m always happy to help for those who feel they need support or guidance. Many students turn to me for help before competitions or if they need help with their photo editing or social media appearance.

I personally, Can’t wait to see YOUR competition work that I can judge and share my tips and help where needed.

Good luck to you all.

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